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What kind of Catan Pisco drinker are you?

The Pisco Connoisseur

“Catan Pisco is a pisco like no other. Being the first pisco recipe distilled from the Pedro Ximenez grape has introduced a new premium experience for this category with a flavor like no other. This beautiful grape has offered a full-bodied, well-balanced, and perfect fruit-finished flavor to this carefully crafted and double-distilled award-winning pisco. I recommend all spirit and pisco lovers to drink CATAN!”

The Minimalist

“I was having dinner at a friend’s house and brought a bottle of Catan as a gift. The host (being unfamiliar with pisco) wanted me to make cocktails with no equipment, syrups or anything; all she had was fruits (raspberries, watermelon, strawberries, etc.), lemons, limes, mint and basil. I ended up simply muddling fruit, adding Catan, ice and that’s it! Catan Pisco is that easy and the cocktails were a success!”

The Catan Fan

“Catan Pisco’s flavorful and fragrant profile naturally holds up in many styles of cocktails, and its versatility pair with all sorts of flavors. There isn't a need to point out many caveats or exceptions... you can treat it as most other base spirits, and let the flavor speak for itself. It's a crowd pleaser!”

The Vodka Drinker

“Pisco is the perfect cocktail base for vodka fans! Simple drinks highlight Catan's subtle presence and soft finish, while more complex recipes work with the bright and balanced notes of fruit and florals. Pisco is definitely the new Vodka!”

The Tequila Amigo

“I frequently swap tequila for pisco in a classic margarita as it complements the citrus-forward cocktail and offers a pleasantly glacé finish opposed to tequila's sometimes pungent bite.”

The Whiskey Sipper

“What I really appreciate about Catan Pisco is that it's not only a beautiful team player, adding a freshness and complexity to anything you mix it with, it's a great sipper with delicate floral and tropical fruit notes. As a break from dark spirits, it's incredibly refreshing, and it works really well in unexpected places, such as a bourbon replacement in a Manhattan. Coincidentally, it's also killer in a home-made red sauce.”

The Custom & Branded

The Gin Botanist

“I think Catan Pisco is a very natural & delicious replacement for gin in a cocktail. It has a clean, pure flavor with a subtle, yet noticeable botanical quality. It's crystal clear to the eye & crisp & bright on the palette, coming from the first female pisco producer in the States. ...& who doesn't love a strong, independent female?”