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Cocktail Kits - For a Limited Time Only

*All kits include a full bottle of Catan Pisco!

  • Pisco Punch


    Pisco Punch Kit

    This San Francisco created drink was a very famous cocktail until the prohibition. Catan Pisco is now bringing it back and will be taking you to California in your first sips of this sunny cocktail.

  • Pisco Paloma


    Pisco Paloma Kit

    Our Pisco Paloma has quickly become a Catan fan favorite! The light floral notes of our pisco pairs perfectly with citrus notes and will make you fall in love with this cocktail.

  • Monkey Tail


    Monkey Tail Kit

    Traditionally a Chilean holiday drink, this cocktail is now being enjoyed hot or cold all year around. Pre-batch for a party or pour yourself a glass and freeze some for later! (Do as the Chileans do!)

  • Catan Café


    Catan Café Kit

    If you are a coffee lover, this cocktail is for you. The Pisco Girl's private coffee blend that is included in this kit has caramel and vanilla notes that make this Catan & Kahlua cocktail a Café to remember.

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